You can help us create better lives for struggling young adults

December, 2016 Milford, CT - "I am so very thankful and very grateful for everything you have done for me. Now that the winter is coming again I am remembering all the cold nights I had to stay in my truck. I have to say I am lucky to have met you guys and have your support and help me stay up on my feet and not letting me fall even when I wanted to. When I didn't have the strength you gave it to me without even blinking or me having to ask twice. I am so very grateful and again thank you so much for everything! I can't even stress or express how grateful and thankful I am. "

This is a message sent to one of Bridges' Youth and Young Adult Outreach staff from a very grateful client recently. After overcoming a traumatic childhood and home environment, this young adult had no home to return to upon graduating from college last year, and spent the winter months sleeping in a truck to avoid the fear and challenges of staying in a homeless shelter. Although employed, there was simply not enough income to put together a security deposit and meet other basic  living expenses.

Thousands of young people today, even many who have completed college,  are unable to return home, due to past and ongoing issues with their parents including substance abuse or violence in their childhood homes, financial problems or other unhealthy or unsafe living conditions. While not actually "living on the streets," they have no real home, no stable and safe place to reside, as they try to find jobs with decent wages. Bridges' Youth and Young Adult Outreach programs, CT Strong-Healthy Transitions, RM4 Drop-in Center and Young Parent Program are helping these young adults connect to a range of services so they can successfully and safely make the transition to independent and responsible adult lives. Your donations let us continue this important work in our community. Thank you for your kindness and willingness to support, and not abandon these young adults.

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