Young Adults "Garden Together" to Beautify West Haven

Getting your hands dirty could be a good thing! At Bridges' Young Adult Services program, a passion for gardening has emerged among our staff and clients. A group called "Garden Together" formed when YAS Social Rehab Case Manager John Ciambriello shared his love of gardening with other staff and clients.

The first group was held in April. With tips from YouTube videos and the participant's own gardening experience, the group planted a variety of vegetable and flower seeds, caring for them and transplanting them as they matured.

In June, with permission from West Haven City Officials, the Garden Together group planted flowers in six public planters in the public parking lot walk way between Main and Center Streets. Following up on that effort, the group took on the planters around West Haven City Hall, weeding and planting more flowers to brighten up the area.

David Killeen, Assistant City Planner for West Haven and head of the West Haven Downtown Beautification Committee worked with the YAS group. In an email to YAS Operations Director Jason Crockett he remarked, "You had a very good group to work with, and they did a great job. The kids were all pleasant, courteous and hard-working, and John stayed with them and assisted right up to when we finished around 8 (took a little longer than I thought it would). I was very pleased with their progress and with the results. They were able to complete the two planters and also a planting area on the corner of the Green across the street from City Hall. Thanks again... I was very happy with the results last night."

The Garden Together group is geared towards bringing attention to how plants can transform and grow if given the right tools and materials. A mission of Bridges' Young Adult Services Program is to help our Young Adults grow into productive citizens. The correlation between how our plants are growing, and how our young adults are growing and transforming, with the right tools and encouragement.

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