Bridges’ staff are dedicated and committed to supporting their client’s health and well-being. Often, they work with people in extremely difficult circumstances, in crisis, or very seriously ill. With such a variety of programs and multiple office sites in Milford, Orange and West Haven, staff don’t often have the opportunity to spend time with many of their colleagues.

Each year the agency hosts a Staff Appreciation event for employees to come together for some food, fun and relaxation. On a recent sunny, breezy Friday afternoon, approximately 100 staff members, including clients who work for Bridges under the Supported Employment Program, enjoyed a pizza truck picnic at the Walnut Beach Pavilion in Milford. The pictures above show some of those employees celebrating milestone anniversaries from 5 to 35 years of service with Bridges. Dr. Marty Schwartzman, Director of Child and Family Services, was honored for his 35 years with Bridges. There was much applause and laughter throughout the afternoon and all gave a special thank you to those employees who remained at our Young Adult Services program site in West Haven that requires round the clock staffing.