Addiction Recovery Services

Whether you are struggling with an alcohol, opioid, or other substance use disorder or problem gambling – Bridges is here to help.
We offer a comprehensive range of addiction treatment services. From outpatient clinical support to medication assisted treatment, our skilled professionals are here to support you along your path to recovery.

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Our adult outpatient treatment program provides recovery-oriented services that can include crisis intervention, outpatient therapy, and clinical support. The outpatient team works with individuals to increase their self-esteem, strengths, and interpersonal relationships at a pace that’s comfortable for each person.

Mobile Addiction Treatment Team

Bridges’ MATT’s Van is Connecticut’s first Mobile Addiction Treatment Team for opioid addiction. MATT’s Van reduces the barriers to treatment by offering individuals a way to get help without having to make an appointment at a clinic and wait to be seen by a clinician.

Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use

Are you or someone you care about addicted to opioids? Bridges' clinicians are trained, skilled and compassionate in helping individuals with opiate use disorders. To help people who are addicted to opioids, we use Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). Success with MAT rests on two equally important components: Medication & Counseling.

Better Choice Gambling Treatment

Problem gambling can greatly compromise, disrupt, or damage individuals, entire families, and even vocational pursuits. But, there is help and hope for problem gambling. Bridges partners with CommuniCare to provide a treatment team to support persons struggling with problem gambling – and their family members – with individual, group, or family counseling and additional support services as appropriate.

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