Community Support Services

Bridges Community Support Services help our clients establish themselves as independent and productive members of the community. The program is recovery-oriented and focuses on rehabilitation and skill mastery that will lead to increased independence. We assess each clients’ needs and help obtain the appropriate services in the community.

Community Support Program (CSP)

CSP provides services and supports that help an individual achieve and maintain independent functioning in the community. Being independent often requires financial resources and this program can assist with applying for Social Security, food stamps, health insurance, etc. It can also assist in finding and maintaining appropriate residential sites for living independently in the community.

These comprehensive services are often provided in non-office settings by case managers and peer support staff. The main focus of the services is on skill building that helps develop or improve independent living skills. Community-based care helps to identify the individual’s strengths and challenges in his/her living environment. Services and supports are tailored to the needs and preferences of the individual.

Elderly Outreach

The Senior Outreach and Engagement Program provides assessment and case management services to older adults (55 and older) as a way of supporting their desire to “age in place”. Services often include education, support, referrals to senior service networks and referrals for treatment. The program seeks to provide these services in a person-centered, strengths-based, culturally sensitive manner that helps identify and reduce substance misuse, stabilizes behavioral health symptoms and improves quality of life, while assisting the older adult to remain in the least restrictive community setting possible. The program also collaborates with other existing DMHAS programs that attempt to divert older adults from long term care. The Senior Outreach and Engagement staff also provides education and consultation to local agencies within the designated geographic region to promote integration and collaboration of services for seniors and develop a system of aftercare for older adults identified by the program.

Employment Services

Employment Services are an important part of the Bridges recovery-oriented system of care for persons who experience behavioral health conditions. This includes ensuring that individuals served in this program have the opportunities and support to become involved in meaningful activities of their choice, as well as to contribute to the broader community. Often individuals with behavioral health conditions express a goal of employment. Employment has been shown to promote recovery outcomes and improve successful community integration. Employment strategies are tailored to meet individual needs and preferences. The wide array of services could include career planning, job search assistance, job placement and career advancement services. There is often collaboration with the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services for benefits counseling for those who would like information on how work may be impacted by employment.

Jail Diversion Services

Our Jail Diversion/Court Liaison program provides court-based services to persons with psychiatric and co-occurring (mental illness and substance abuse) disorders who are arrested on minor offenses. The program facilitates access to appropriate treatment services by providing assessment, referral, and linkage to community mental health services. Bridges Jail Diversion staff receive referrals from the Milford Court system. The staff collaborate with community providers to connect and maintain individuals in community treatment services, inform court personnel of treatment compliance, and facilitate access to mental health services through contacts within the Department of Correction when an individual is incarcerated.

Social Rehabilitation & Open Door Wellness Center

The Open Door Wellness Center encourages recovery, full citizenship, and enhanced quality of life activities for individuals who have any mental health condition that seriously impacts their ability to lead meaningful lives. Social Rehab/ODWC activities help to develop the skills necessary for success in the living, working, learning and social environments of their choice. There is a vast array of services and activities but a few examples of the opportunities available include: friends/peers group activities (men’s and women’s groups, recreation, relaxation, arts and crafts, sports, health, nutrition, and mindfulness). There may also be opportunities for trips to fairs, farmers’ markets, museums, movies and sporting events as well as advocacy training and connections to community resources with the assistance of trained professional counselors and social workers.

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