Bridges Healthcare, Inc., announces it has changed the name of its Young Parent Program to the B-SAFE Project to better reflect the objectives and the populations served by this initiative. B-SAFE stands for Sexual Awareness and Family Empowerment.

B-SAFE speaks to the two main project goals: to provide sexual and reproductive health and prevention education to teens and students, and to offer information, referrals and case management services for pregnant and parenting teens and young adults. It was selected based on feedback from several focus groups and a vote held among the students and clients engaged with the program.

“Throughout its history as the Young Parent Program, hundreds of pregnant and parenting girls and young women received information and assistance that enabled them to make responsible choices about their futures, ” said Bridges CEO & President, Barbara DiMauro.

“While pregnancy rates have declined nationwide, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of 15-24 year olds with sexually transmitted diseases. Bridges’ B-SAFE Project has expanded the reach of our services to thousands of area students through evidence-based prevention education to help solve this problem, while still meeting the needs of young parents and their children.”

The B-SAFE Project currently provides education and prevention services in each of the Milford Public High Schools and West Haven High School. The project is funded completely through grants from the City of Milford, The United Way of Milford and several private foundations and individuals.

“While these funds do not completely cover the cost to provide these services, Bridges is committed to helping young people stay healthy and safe by providing accurate information and judgement-free assistance,” said Bridges’ CEO and President, Barbara DiMauro.