Bridges is excited to share the release of Bridges Healthcare’s 2023 Impact Report: Transforming Lives Together. This report highlights the numerous ways Bridges touches and changes the lives of so many people in our communities, thanks to the support and partnership from those who are committed to our mission.

2023  was a year of powerful impact. Despite the growing demand for mental health and substance use services and the challenges experienced in the behavioral health space, collective efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of those we serve. The support from our community has been vital in every success story—from breaking down barriers by engaging with the community to advocating for those in recovery by providing essential tools and support. Together, we are transforming lives.

The 2023 Impact Report includes:

  • A letter from Bridges’ President and CEO, Jennifer Fiorillo
  • An overview of Bridges’ advocacy efforts
  • A client testimonial
  • New service statistics
  • Updates and Highlights on programs and services
  • A feature on two of Bridges’ generous donors
  • Bridges’ 2023 financials

You are invited to explore the full report and see the transformative work we have accomplished with the help of a strong network of donors, partners, and supporters. Their support has made all of this possible, and we are deeply grateful to their dedication to our mission.

Please take a moment to read how we are Transforming Lives Together in our 2023 Impact Report by flipping through our digital flipbook or by clicking to view the file here: Bridges 2023 Impact Report.