B-SAFE Project

B-SAFE Project

Bridges Sexual Awareness and Family Empowerment

The B-SAFE Program is a school-based prevention and intervention program that addresses sexual and reproductive health, teen pregnancy prevention, healthy relationships, and body image for high school students in Milford and West Haven. The program provides an array of services that include: classroom presentations regarding sexual health, a series of supportive individual meetings that address personal concerns and follow-up questions, case management, individual therapy, and referrals to other services.

Topics and issues addressed include: STIS/STDS, sex, consent, healthy/toxic relationships, contraception, sexuality, gender, body image, sexual anatomy, pregnancy, boundaries, mental health, communication, and pornography.

The program promotes healthy and informed decision-making through prevention, education, open dialogue, and by creating a confidential space to process and explore information, thoughts, and feelings.

Through program collaboration, referrals, and ongoing education and support, B-SAFE has seen a significant decrease in the number of unplanned pregnancies throughout all program sites. Studies show that comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education not only decreases unplanned pregnancy and the spread of STDs but also dating violence, bullying, and sexual assault. It also promotes an increased awareness of self-worth and identity.

B-SAFE works with students and school personnel to promote tolerant school climates where all are treated with respect and dignity.

B-SAFE also works with young parents, advocating and navigating systems, making referrals, and offering ongoing support.

To make a referral, request information or schedule a presentation, please contact Stephanie Swantek, LMSW, Program Manager, at sswantek@bridgesmilford.org or call 475-202-2827.

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