Bridges is proud to present its 2022 Impact Report. Included, you will find a transformational client story, a letter from leadership, in-depth Q&A’s with integral staff members, new service statistics, annual financials, and highlights of new and ongoing programs and historical events.

During a time when the landscape for behavioral health providers has undergone significant shifts and transformations, Bridges Healthcare defied these challenges and forged ahead – fortified by a strong network of donors, partners, and supporters. Thanks to these connections, Bridges has steadily expanded its reach in the community, provided increased accessibility to programs, and been able to meet the escalating demands of those in need.

Thank you to all who have rallied behind our mission to promote individual and community health, wellness, and recovery! We recognize the profound IMPACT you have made in the lives of the individuals and families served. This report is dedicated to you.

Please enjoy the Bridges Healthcare 2022 Impact Report by flipping through our digital flipbook or by clicking to view the file here: Bridges 2022 Impact Report