Bridges Healthcare Inc., a state-designated local mental health authority for Milford, Orange, West Haven and the surrounding communities, today met with U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal to announce three federal grants totaling $1,029,000 that were awarded to Bridges and will be used for infrastructure improvements at our Milford facility.

Provided by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), the funding will be used for three specific initiatives at Bridges:

  • Telecommunications and IT security upgrades
  • A new roof at Bridges Healthcare’s main site at 949 Bridgeport Avenue
  • An HVAC system at 949 Bridgeport Avenue

According to Senator Blumenthal, “You’re really at the tip of the spear with your outreach… engaging people here in Milford, West Haven, Orange and the Valley. You’re a resource that we need to enhance and enrich with more support and resources and I know this earmark…will help you with better heating and ventilation systems, a roof and IT systems that are more modern, up to date and state of the art.”

Bridges’ mental health and addiction recovery services need a location and facility designed to ensure that our patients are comfortable and safe so our programs can be delivered in a professional and healthy environment.

According to Jennifer Fiorillo, Bridges CEO & President, “We’re very fortunate to receive this funding. Without these essential building upgrades our comprehensive services to clients would be comprised.These much-needed improvements will help Bridges to continue to do the important work we do in an improved facility.”